Aleta is a scarlet macaw with red and blue feathers, and purple eyes who first appeared in HTH2. Aleta is voiced by Tyvara.



  • Titjob
  • Anal (knot, gold)
  • Vaginal
  • Standing (gold)

Known IssuesEdit

  • The UI on her TItjob and Anal scenes clashes with the header of the game.
  • When using the knot feature of her anal scene, the climax does not display properly and only appears in the lower right corner of the screen. (Gold only)
  • Her right elbow in the standing scene does not look correct due to the forearm not moving.
  • Post climax for the standing scene needs breathing/motion.
  • In her Standing scene, her expressions cycle.
  • In her Standing scene, her right arm elbow joint does not look right mostly because her forearm has no motion. (Gold only)
  • In her Standing scene, her facial expressions cycle after climax. (Gold only)
  • In her Standing scene, the player cock models clip a bit. (Gold only)
  • In her Standing scene, her and the player model show no form of breathing. (Gold only)
  • In her Standing scene, her tits really don’t show motion compared to how other scenes have had it in game. (Gold only)

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