Gianna is a cow who can be found in the Spa on floor 7 of the tower. She is a mother, and because of this she lactates.



  • Missionary (Free)
  • Titjob (Free)

Known IssuesEdit

  • There is some clipping with knotted species during her missionary scene.
  • During her missionary scene, when both of her breasts are moved up, a shadow appears on her chest when the animation completes.
  • The climax animation for her missionary scene does not trigger properly at speeds 3 and 4. It causes the player to shudder back and forth.
  • Her missionary scene shows camera controls, however they do not function except for the ability to lock and unlock the controls.
  • The sprite used in The Tower is an out of date sprite compared to her updated appearance in her character menu and in her scenes.

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