Jeanette Hayes is a brown furred horse who was originally a gold exclusive character, but was later added to the free zones. She is one of a few characters who can lactate, alongside Gianna and Eve . Jeanette is voiced by Sasha Darkcloud.



  • Blowjob/Cunnilingus
  • Blowjob (Standing)
  • Missionary
  • Cowgirl


  • Jeanette was the first character to be interactive with a female player model.
  • Jeanette also appears in Red Light District.

Known IssuesEdit

  • Climax on her BJ scene does not show cum landing on her.
  • Post climax on her Cunnilingus scene has a clipping issue with her hair and her left shoulder.
  • Her dialogue offers to suck the player's cock, even if female.
  • In her standing BJ scene, the player cock does not have a head and can be seen during speed 2.
  • Post climax of her standing BJ scene, there is some cum floating in front of her.

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