"Hello!  I play a sensual, free-spirited and outgoing sea otter named Leilani, originally from the luscious and luxurious islands of the South Pacific near Tahiti.  My introduction to the fandom was more than twenty years ago, and I became good friends with a number of sensational artists and writers.  As my network grew bigger, I started to explore other areas, and that brought me to SoFurry, where I first met Tyvara Panther - who then introduced me to the world of HTH Studios.  We often collaborate and write together, and you can find both our characters hard at work in the HTH Library, probably working on another scintillating and steamy tale of love and lust.    

I have nearly 30 years of freelance writing experience, and more than 100 short stories, as well as six books to my credit.  Drop in and ask Leilani a few questions you always wanted to, and do be sure to visit my Sofurry Page and read a hot story or two."



  • Sideways (Underwater)