High Tail Hall is a large interactive furry themed adult flash game taking place on a fictional chain of islands called the New Cyana Islands. The current beta has free content in addition to Gold content, which requires a subscription bought through the site. A platinum version is being worked on. There are many mysterious ruins of an ancient civilization scattered over the islands that can potentially lead to secret hidden areas and mysterious puzzles inspired by the Myst series of puzzle games. The native locals are a colorful variety of Dart Frogs called: The Nariatt. The islands are home to the in-universe version of HTH Studios, a production company that specializes in adult artwork, movies, and games. The characters around the island are mostly staff members, models, writers, and other such workers that help support the local businesses.


High Tail Hall started as a simple adult flash game first appearing on Newgrounds,with a total of three playable characters. This game was drawn using a mouse and completed when Crowchild was 18. The game was accepted far beyond his expectations, however updates were discontinued after a fire destroyed Crow's working files (as well as his apartment and the local cat). Several years later, Crowchild produced a sequel, HTH2. This game included new characters and was the first time HTH had voiced characters. As the game gained content, it became too large to be hosted on game sites and a site dedicated to hosting the game was created. HTH2 was discontinued after Crow's mac suffered catastrophic failure, once again erasing the content. After another period of no content, Crowchild returned with the newly registered HTH Studios LLC and a new version of the game.


Free Characters Gold Characters Unavailable Characters
Ari 2014
Rio 2013
Emma 2016
The Sapphire Islands The Emerald Glades Other Locations
Sapphire Islands 2015
Emerald Glades 2015
Other Locations
Items Known Issues Staff

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