Stone Circle 2016
The Stone Circle Ruins are one of many anceint structures scattered around the New Cyana Islands. These particular ruins feature a floating circular stone with an eerie green glow and strange moaning. The ruins suddenly became active on 12/21/12; the date of the alleged Mayan apocalypse.



The ruins are circular with a path to the left and right, as well as the titular stone circle to the center. Merrile is stationed here to provide information on the ruins to guests and residents alike.

The Stone CircleEdit

The center of the area is a circular structure surrounded by 6 pillars facing inwards. The surrounding area is covered in stones which creates a clearing for the ruins to be clearly seen.


This is the path around the central area of the ruins. The path splits, though only the trail leading around the ruins is accessible. A pillar marks the fork in the road, indicating that the ruins encompass a much larger area than just the stone circle itself.


The fountain sits on the opposite end of the circular path from the entrance. It is unknown where the water comes from to fill the fountain though a natural spring is a distinct possibility. This area is a popular hang out for the residents of the island.


Portrait Name Area Active
Mid mtg-anahi
Anahi                 Path Active            
Mid mtg-jaymee
Jaymee Entrance Active
Melody Fountain Active
Mid mtg-mercedes
Mercedes Fountain Active
Mid mtg-merille
Merrile Entrance Guide
Raquel Path Active


The circle will only appear if you have the Gold Key and at least one Bead. The bead activates a glyph on the wheel that is used to choose a location based on where it is around the wheel. So far, the Stone Circle Ruins are confirmed to lead to at least 3 places, Vaultus, Aztier, and Naranvad. Crow has stated that nobody has solved every possible solution yet, and that there are still plenty of secrets involved with these ruins. Merile informs you that the ruins give of electromagnetic currents, and to be on the look out for Gems and Beads.