Tanya Winters is a Grevy Zebra and one of the characters appearing in HTH Classic.  Tanya also appears in Red Light District.



  • Cowgirl
  • Blowjob+Titjob
  • Doggy Style (1st person)
  • Doggy Style (3rd person)

Known IssuesEdit

  • Her Tittyfuck/Blowjob scene has an unused and hard to see Camera Control button.
  • In her 3rd person doggy style scene, her left arm jitters.
  • Her pre-cum in her 3rd person doggy scene on her leg floats above her leg and moves seperately.
  • During her anal scene, the player dick moves out of sync with his body.
  • The movement of the player and Tanya get out of sync outside of speed 1 in the anal doggystyle scene

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