Gold Room

Central area for the private rooms

The Gold Room is the capital of the Emerald Glades. While the structures are not made of actual gold, they all have a gold coloring to them. It is also custom for characters to wear gold colored clothing, usually topless.



This area is the first shows when the player enters the Gold Room from the map. It is used to continue to the other areas.


This was the central area of previous builds, but is now one of several lounging rooms. There are several chairs lining a small area bordered with a small wall. There is an archway over this area made of glass to allow lots of light in during the day. The area is lit by torches at night.

Private Rooms.Edit

The private rooms are divided into three areas. The first is the central zone, which has more chairs similar to the Lobby in an open area. To the left are private room one, which contains the Gold Key, and private room 2. To the right of the central zone are private rooms two and three. Each room has a box of condoms to use at the character's request.


Portrait Name Location Status
Mid mtg-andrea
Andrea Front Active
Anne 2013
Anne Lobby Active
Jeanette Private Rooms (right) Active
Mid mtg-kristen
Kristen Lobby Active
Mid mtg-michelle
Michelle Private Rooms (right) Active
Rose udpated
Rose Private Room 2 Active
Mid mtg-shemyay
Shemyay Lobby Active
Mid mtg-tanya
Tanya Front Active


Image Name Location
Pyramid Key Private Room 2 (Automatically added)
Spartan Condoms Private Room 1 on the nightstand

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