The Nariatt Language is used by one of the native species on the island, The Nariatt Tribe. Prior to introduction of the English language, the Nariatt did not have a written alphabet. As such, while the symbols used are unique, they translate directly to English letters. The New Cyana Archaeological Society has written a pamphlet to help newcomers understand the language as it appears around the island. 


The letters are depticted with curves and dots with straight lines used very rarely. The symbols themselves may possibly be derived from the  hallucinations caused by the Nariatt Tribe's toxin as can be seen during certain interactions with Denise.


The language is a fundamental part of The Onyx Gate Tower puzzle. Finding the Pamphlet grants the player the ability to click certain writings to translate them. This will set the player's comprehension of the language to 25%. After exposing yourself to the language by activating a few signs, the player's comprehension will rise to 50%, making most writing automatically translate. By travelling to The Crow's Nest, the player can find Crow's Tablet that lists the numbers for the language, increasing the comprehension to 75%.


The Nariatt Language appears during the latter parts of Denise's Oral scene. The text will not automatically translate regardless of the player's comprehension, however it can still be decyphered manually. The left says "Drink Me" and the right says "Eat Me". The language is often seen on locally made clothing, such as Rio's translucent top and Donna 's jacket. These are not automatically translated either.