The following is a list of dates mentioned in High Tail Hall. As this page is a work in progress, more information will be added as newer versions of High Tail Hall are released and if new information not mentioned in the game is revealed by HTH Studios. The birthdates of characters will also be placed here.

800s Edit

The approximate century of the Nariatt beginning their practice of harvesting crystals on the Cyana Archipelago.

Late 1910s Edit

A unrevealed Nariatt device for viewing the night sky is invented by an unknown person.

1920s Edit

The Library and Villa are constructed on New Cyana.

1980s Edit

Marcus is born (approximate)

1982 Edit

An earthquake of unspecified magnitude occurs in the Cyana Archipelago, killing hundreds of Nariatt and permanently destroying a large number of historical artifacts and structures.

1985 Edit

Jeanette is born (approximate)

Anne is born (approximate)

1988 Edit

Rio Davis is born (approximate)

Bella Ferrari is born (approximate)

ZigZag is born (approximate)

1991 Edit

Anne is born (approximate)

1994 Edit

Rio and Bella meet and become best friends

2011-2012 Edit

Crowchild discovers islands

2012 Edit

HTH Studios begins assisting the Nariatt Tribal Council in their restoration of historical sites on the Cyana Archipelago.

2012-2013 Edit

Studio is established on islands. All characters arrive and begin working

2013-2014 Edit

Guest characters Zig Zag and Leilani arrive and start working with studio